Sadly, acoustics pianos are becoming rarer in venues and their electric stage substitutes have failed to fill the gap as developers have concentrated on virtual (computer based) electronic instruments to cater for the home recording market. These 'virtual'  instruments have reached a high standard of acoustic simulation as they are based on multiple samples (digital recordings) of the very best acoustic pianos. The problem for performing musicians has been the processing power required to take these virtual instruments on to the stage.

I use a 2012 Macbook Pro with Solid State Drives & 8 Gig of Ram installed with the Synthogy Ivory Grand 2 sampled based based digital recordings of the Bosendorth, Steinway and Yamaha C7 concert grands. There is 77 gigabyte of memory to be processed as each note has been sampled up to 18 times at different velocities and their resulting timbres. For solo work, I have a Kurzweil PC2 Stage Piano, which is a high quality instrument with good internal piano and organ sounds but is used to play the Ivory Grand. So if you need church organ music for your wedding ceremony I can provide that too.

You can learn more about the Synthogy Ivory Grand here:

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